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  USA Sourcing

Lee World Group has acquired lots of advantages in sourcing by years of practices in trading business in the world.

1. The company distributed in various locations in China and America

Locations of Sourcing Company
New York Company , USA
Cincinnati Company, OH, USA
Beijing Company, the Headquarter in China
Shanghai Company 
Wuhan company
2. Rich customer resources, good and long-term supplying records
3. Strong manufacture bases and capital background
Shanghai and Wuhan manufacturing bases provide strong support in production and technique for Lee World sourcing. Lee World Capital guarantees a solid capital supply.
4.Well-developed supplying channels and strong supplier team
5.Advanced and perfect operation process
6.JIT logistics network
7. Professional team
8. Rich experiences in OEM project
Lee World has supplied OEM parts and cooperated with many powerful US companies since 1993.